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How your circadian rhythm affects every aspect of your day from morning through your sleep at night. We’ll help you get back on track.

Who doesn’t want good, solid sleep? We all need it, we all want it, but sometimes it feels like when we need it most, it just doesn’t happen. Keeping up a healthy sleep schedule amidst our busy lives grinding out our dreams often feels unattainable…unimaginable even, but we know we need it. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to getting solid sleep, and that begins with understanding our circadian rhythm. 

We apply “carpe diem” to our daily lives all the time. We are running around, building a life we love for ourselves, and seizing whatever parts of the day we can. It has to do with what is called “circa diem.” Get ready for a mindset shift, and put seizing the day on the shelf for a moment. 

Everyone has a circadian rhythm, which is a cycle that we associate with our “internal clock.” This rhythm runs on a 24-hour cycle, but assists our internal clock in regulating our sleeping and waking routines. The term circadian rhythm comes from “circa diem,” which means “around a day.” Don’t worry, we’ll get back to seizing the day by the end of this read. 

Certain external variables can affect our circadian rhythm, like light. Because our circadian rhythm is a natural internal process, it can be easily disrupted, like when the sun goes down or when we stare at artificial lights on our phone screens. Each cause affects our rhythm differently. The setting sun settles with our rhythm whereas the harsh cell phone light can disrupt our ability to rest or settle. In order to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm and routine for our lives, we need to implement positive routines that keep us aligned. Factors like stress, screen time, caffeine, or offset sleep schedules can negatively cause an imbalance of your rhythm and overall health goals.

Working on little, manageable tactics from morning, throughout the entirety of your day, to your nighttime routine will all play a role in your sleep cycle at night. Cutting down screen time a few minutes sooner than normal won’t cut it. Think about areas in your busy life (we know, as entrepreneurs and dreamers seeking community and productivity this can feel daunting, but trust us, it’s worth it) where you can implement healthy, simple habits from the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow. Try exercising daily, going for a walk in the morning to get moving and get your body accustomed to natural light outside, dim lights at home or on your phone as day goes on, create a sleep and wake up pattern where you are doing both around the same time each day. 

Alongside simple habits and routines to implement into your lifestyle, Royal Moon Ambition and Dream are products made for you and your circadian rhythm. Taking these together as a day and night supplement will allow you to stay focused throughout the day and wind down at night, easing the daunting habitual routine mindset into a much more attainable part of your lifestyle so you can “carpe diem” again