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Living the life you dream about takes dedication, diligence, focus, and motivation. We believe in you and see your entrepreneurial expertise gracing the streets of your city, but we also know that those power attributes that require so much drive in your day to day can feel inconsistent or fleeting. In order to elevate your lifestyle to the degree you desire, it takes ambition.

In our first blog we discussed an overview of our products and the need for both productivity and rest. The two go hand in hand and oftentimes there is an imbalance with both. If we are too restful we can get lazy. If we are too productive we can feel burned out. The balance is attainable and we’ll just say it right now — there’s times the balance will fluctuate, but Royal Moon products help set that balance back in place. It starts, first, with ambition.

Our Ambition tincture is lab-tested, organic, non-psychoactive, and chemical-free all with great flavors. This is a fancy way of saying we get that what you put in your body should be beneficial for your aesthetic, health, and lifestyle. Our products are pure and clean, and have your health as our top priority.

Ambition is our most popular product and is a tincture to be taken under your tongue. Ambition oil is a THC-free blend that ignites energy and focus to keep you oriented so you can live the life you want. This full spectrum product is an artfully crafted lemon tincture blend that is known to evoke passion and inspiration to keep you motivated and fueled through the highs of work, results, and goals that keep you moving throughout your day.

Whether needing to make time for the gym after work or maintaining your social life, balancing the benefits of living your life can be difficult. Ambition keeps up with you and allows you to stay effective. Personally, we encourage you to take Ambition in the morning with your favorite caffeine drink for ultimate objective, drive, and zip throughout the day. Take it with your morning coffee, your vanilla latte, or your energy drink and live your elevated life. We’re about community here, so follow us on Instagram @royalmoon_official and let use know how your day was!